Representing Calgary & Cochrane Public Library Workers
October 30, 2018

Notice of change of schedules was added to the article pertaining to Hours of Work 10.01 (d)  Except in emergency situations, written notice of any ongoing change in hours of work or work schedule shall be given to each affected employee.  The designated supervisor will provide as much notice as possible, but at least two (2) weeks’ written notice.

The list of statutory holidays was updated to include Alberta Family Day.

Who remembers Video Display Terminals (VDT)?  18.05 Video Display Terminals – Technical Services

(a)  No more than six (6) hours maximum shall be worked on a VDT in any one (1) day.  Where possible, the Board will endeavour to maintain a five (5) hour schedule always subject to the requirements of the service.

(b)  In the event that an employee is required to operative a VDT continuously in a sixty (60) minute period, a five (5) minute break will be scheduled.

(c)  There shall be no pyramiding of VDT breaks with rest periods or meal breaks.