September 10, 2020

Calgary Transit has successfully employed expert staff to maintain and disinfect COVID-19 exposed buses since the onset of this pandemic.

Now, while Calgarians begin returning to work and school on crowded buses and trains, much of this work is being contracted out to an inexperienced and transient work force.

By mid-October, the same company that has failed miserably in cleaning our transit shelters and stations – and received thousands of complaints for shoddy work – will clean and service all our public transit vehicles.

This will happen as we are entering into what is expected to be a second wave and likely surge in COVID-19 cases.

Unlike a dirty bus shelter which you can possibly avoid, this will result in poorly serviced and biohazard-exposed vehicles that transit riders will have no choice but to board or find other transportation.

This is not just a workplace issue, this is a public health issue.

Keeping public transit running during a public health emergency has taken a great team effort by thousands of dedicated employees.

The system remains extremely vulnerable and contracting out the disinfecting of these vehicles during a deadly pandemic is a reckless and irresponsible experiment that puts the riding public at risk.

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