Representing Calgary & Cochrane Public Library Workers
August 14, 2018

John Dutton was the new Director for the Calgary Public Library.

The Board agreed to provide the Union with a complete mailing list for all full-time and part-time employees with updates every 3 months.  Article 4 (Copies of Agreement) in our current Collective Bargaining Agreement came into effect during the 1979 contract negotiations.

Part-time staff were given paid sick leave.  Clause 11.04:  All permanent part-time employees shall be entitled to ten and one-half (10 1/2) working hours’ sick leave with pay for each one hundred and fifty (150) hours worked, the same to be cumulative from year to year to a maximum of two hundred and ten (210) working hours.

Stronger language was negotiated for part-time pay increases.  Clause 13.05:  Part-time employees shall be granted one (1) incremental step within their classification for each accumulation of eighteen hundred (1800) hours worked.


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August 4, 2018

Retirements:  Alison M. and Angela L.

Illness:  Dawn C., Julia K., Sherry W., Zofia T., and Jerry F.

Bereavement:  Olivia H. and Lai H.

Baby:  Shamama I.