Representing Calgary & Cochrane Public Library Workers
October 23, 2018

Orientation of new members 6.03 (b)  An officer of the Union shall be given the opportunity to speak at the new employee’s day-long group orientation sessions for the purpose of acquainting the in-scope employees with the business and duties of Union membership.  The establishment of orientation meeting schedules, agendas, and locations is the prerogative of Management.

9.02 Personal Harassment.  The Board agrees that no employee shall be subjected to personal harassment.  Personal harassment shall be defined as repeated, intentional, offensive comments and/or actions deliberately designed to demean and belittle an individual and/or to cause personal humiliation.  This will not prevent management from disciplining or terminating for cause.

Particulars will be communicated in writing to the Director.  In the event that a resolution is not reached, the employee shall have recourse to the Board, whose decision shall be final and not subject to grievance.

15.04 (d)  Illness in the Family.  Where no one at home other than the employee can provide for the needs during illness of an immediate member of the family (as defined in clause 13.05 (a)), an employee shall be entitled, after notifying her supervisor, to use in each calendar year a maximum of five (5) days of her accumulated sick leave for the member of the family who is ill.

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