Representing Calgary & Cochrane Public Library Workers
June 5, 2018

The working week for all full-time staff became 35 hours per week based on a 5-day week.  In the past, the maintenance staff and cleaning women worked a longer week.  Full-time staff were granted 2 consecutive days off each week where practicable.

Language changed from Coffee Break to Rest Period.  In this contract the addition of a rest period (15 minutes) during the evening shift was granted to employees provided that sufficient staff were available to service the public and to staff the service points.

This is the first time the language around the Stampede Parade, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve appeared in the contract.


A one-time only classification study was done in 1975 and we see the effects of the study today.  It is interesting to note that the union was involved in this study.

Classification Study

14.01  The parties agree that during the period January 1, 1975 to April 30, 1975, a classification study shall be carried out in the Calgary Public Library.  The study shall include specific findings and recommendations on the following:

(a)  Review and possible restriction of all clerical positions.

(b)  Review of:  a. The Mechanical Maintenance position, and b. The Bindery Assistant position.

(c)  The feasibility of reducing the number of salary incremental steps from six to five.

(d)  Review and possible restructuring of salary differentials between positions and between steps.

14.02  With reference to the foregoing, it is further agreed that:

(a)  The study shall be conducted in consultation with the CUPE representative for Local 1169; and

(b)  The decisions arising out of the study shall be present to the union prior to April 15, 1975; and

(c)  Any re-classifications to the positions referred to in Clause 14.01 (a) and (b), which arise directly as a result of the study and are implemented before April 30, 1975, shall be made retroactive to January 1, 1975.


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June 2, 2018

Retirements:  Pamela H. and Lynne K.

Illness:  Kathy K., April M., Adiam N., Amy L., and Maureen M.

Bereavement:  Walter B. and Susan E.

Baby:  Divya S.