June 8, 2021

On Monday June 21, 2021, celebrate the heritage, diverse culture, and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples!

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May 21, 2021

Email your MLA and ask them to scrap Jason Kenney’s new K-6 curriculum.

Have you seen it? Not only is it being banned by more than 90% (!) of Alberta teachers, not a single school division in the province is willing to pilot it.

Parents are up in arms. Our province’s kids deserve so much more than a premier who wants to inject his ideological agenda into our school system.

This is why I’m asking you today for your help.

We need to (click here or below to sign the petition) scrap this curriculum.

We have prepared a letter campaign that will take mere seconds to send a letter to your MLA, telling them to stand up to Jason Kenney and scrap the curriculum.

Take 30 seconds and send a letter to your MLA now.

With much gratitude,

Rory Gill
President, CUPE Alberta

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Sign the petition now
May 21, 2021

You are invited to take part in a survey for the research study “Canadian libraries and the opioid crisis: Before and during COVID-19″ (Dalhousie University REB file # 2020-5365).

This study will identify how Canadian public libraries are responding to the opioid crisis in their communities, before and during COVID-19.

This study is being led by Siobhan Wiggans, MLIS candidate at Dalhousie University; Jennifer Grek Martin, Supervisor, Dalhousie University; and Dr. Vivian Howard, Supervisor, Dalhousie University.

To take part in the 20-minute survey, participants must:

  • work at a public library in Canada,
  • they must work directly with library users, and;
  • must read and/or speak English (which is the language the survey will take place in), and;
  • must make decisions which directly affect how community members experience their public library.

For more information, and to take part visit click the link:  https://surveys.dal.ca/opinio/s?s=CanadianLibraries