Representing Calgary & Cochrane Public Library Workers

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As an employee of the Calgary Public Library, you automatically belong to Local 1169 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represents the workers at Calgary Public Library and Cochrane Public Libraries. CUPE Local 1169 provides a number of invaluable services on your behalf.

CUPE Local 1169 automatically represents you as a condition of employment, and as such, 2% of your gross salary is deducted in order to support the operation of your Union. In order to be a “member in good standing”; attend Union meetings and vote on matters of importance having full “voice and vote”, you must pay to the Union a $2 (two) initiation fee. Why? It has been determined by the labour relations board for the Province of Alberta that full membership in a Union requires each member to pay a minimum of $2 (two) as an initiation fee.

As a member in good standing you are eligible to participate in a variety of educational courses such as “conflict resolution”, “creating racial justice”, “effective leadership”, and many other courses designed to enrich both your worksite and your place in our society a fulfilling experience. All you need is to be interested in learning more.

We also have a scholarship application form for our annual scholarship of $1000 which is awarded annually to a member of CUPE Local 1169 who has been in good standing for a minimum of twelve (12) months and who has attended at least 50% of their Local’s general membership meetings in the previous twelve (12) months or the spouse or dependent of a member in good standing who has attended at least 50% of the Local’s general membership meetings in the previous twelve (12) months.  Please check the following document,  CUPE Local 1169 Scholarship Criteria 2017  for criteria and further details.

The strength of CUPE Local 1169 lies in the support of its membership. Every participating member makes CUPE Local 1169 more effective in its representation of your rights. As a strong Union, we can continue to bargain collective agreements that break new ground on wages and benefits and take on the critical issues of workload and occupational health and safety issues at your worksite – all backed by the strength of Canada’s largest and most powerful defender of public service employees, the Canadian Union of Public Employees representing over 700,000 public sector workers from sea, to sea, to sea.

You will find downloadable versions of our Collective Bargaining Agreements below:

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Office at 403.228.3522 or go to where you will find the links to Executive contacts as well as information on a variety of Union sponsored initiatives and directives including the date, time and location of general membership meetings.

I look forward to having the opportunity of meeting with you at one of your Local’s general membership meetings.

In Solidarity


Elsa Gee, President, CUPE Local 1169
Calgary and Cochrane Public Library Workers
President CUPE Calgary District Council